Characteristics of pigging valve

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  The pigging valve has the advantages of simple structure, small installation space and simple and fast operation. Due to the high cost of pig valve and the requirement of pig length, it does not completely replace the receiver and launcher.

  According to the performance of jiepei pigging valves, most pigging valves are used on offshore platforms. Due to the high cost of platforms and small installation space of pigging valves, pigging valves have more advantages in places where every inch of land and every inch of money.

  The pig launcher is more used than the ball valve. When the pipeline needs to be cleaned, the pig is loaded from the upstream and taken out from the downstream after cleaning. Therefore, the receiver can collect and discharge the residues in the pipeline. The ball valve can only receive pigs.

  The second part introduces the device independently developed by jiepei to replace the ball receiver to remove residues.

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