Discussion on the characteristics of three way ball valve

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      The three-way, four-way and multi-way valves are all multi-way switching valves, which are mainly used for switching and distributing materials and combining and diverting. Jiepei valve has been designed for the cooling system of large ships. It is a three-way ball valve with regulating function.

      Three way four-way ball valve to achieve the following switching functions and a variety of different materials and media switching must be fixed three-way four-way, inlet valve seat seal. In order to achieve better switcher and isolation effect, the valve seat structure must be double piston effect, which will not drain the material in the four valve seats to the downstream of any end.

      The floating three four way ball valve is only suitable for switching and distribution of the same materials and media. Because the floating ball valve structure is the outlet seal, it can not achieve the switching state as shown in the figure below, but can only achieve the seat outlet seal state.

      Because many of the three-way four-way valve do not understand, as well as the selection is not rigorous, and the relationship between the price, there are still a lot of floating structure to replace the fixed structure, with the L type to replace the T structure. The quality of material medium is reduced.

Four states of T-junction

Three states of L-type tee

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