Difference between pigging valve and receiving and launching barrel

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Generally, the comparison between the two products has the following aspects:

1. First of all, the most sensitive one is the price. Compared with the receiving and dispatching ball barrel, the production of pigging valve is complicated, and there are many processes and spare parts, so the manufacturing period is long. So the price of receiving and serving barrels has an advantage.

2. The use and installation of pigging valve is relatively simple and convenient, and the site and space are relatively compact. The flow resistance coefficient of the fluid is relatively low, which greatly improves the fluid capacity and energy consumption of the medium, and saves resources.

3. The installation of receiver and launcher is relatively complex, which requires space and site, and is not suitable for offshore platform, after all, the space of offshore platform is limited. It is necessary to build a station for the receiver and launcher, as well as design the bypass pipeline and valve, so the flow resistance coefficient to the fluid is large. The operation of the ball barrel is also relatively cumbersome. The receiving and launching barrel belongs to the pressure vessel with high maintenance cost. In order to ensure the safety, it must be maintained regularly under the supervision of the technical data Supervision Bureau, and the certificate on the pressure vessel is required.

4. Jetpo pigging valve is designed to be maintenance free, without maintenance and work cost.

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