Research on quick fitting on pigging valve

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The application and special requirements of pigging valve in pipeline are analyzed. The experience of production of pigging valve in many years and the feedback and suggestions of users are provided by jiepei team. Optimize and perfect the structure of pigging valve to greatly improve the service life and sealing performance.

1、 The quick opening of pigging valve is independently developed by jetpower, and the traditional quick opening structure is abandoned. The quick opening door with complete independent intellectual property is easy to operate, sealed and reliable, and has the function of internal pressure protection.

2、 When considering the cleaning operation of long-distance pipeline, considering the serious wear of pig, the cleaning effect will be affected. The self-developed removable screen pigging valve is installed in the middle section of the pigging to replace the seriously worn pig

3、 With the development of industry, there are more and more large caliber pigging valves. It is not convenient to install the large caliber pig on the side because of its large volume and heavy weight. Fully own the independent intellectual property rights to install the pig on the large diameter. The pig valve is equipped with a detachable simple lifting device without lifting equipment to lift the pig into the valve to reduce the pigging cost.

4、 At the end of pigging operation, it is considered that the residue deposited in the pipeline will jam the ball valve and cause valve failure and damage when passing through the ball valve. Jiepei independently developed the quick release assembly for collecting the residues of the ball collecting pipe, which can reduce the trouble of the ball collecting cylinder's station construction.

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