Classification and corresponding functions of pigging valves

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1. Function of pigging valve.
Valves can be divided into cleaning pipe and non cleaning pipe. Standard commercial valves, plug valves and ball valves are non cleaning pipe valves. In the cleaning system, they can be installed at the outlet of the generation / collection station. For example, when propellant is used in the factory, the valve is often connected with washable pipe and non washable pipe, such as installed at the inlet and outlet of the product
In the cleanable pipeline system, the selection of cleaning valve is particularly important. Such valves must be suitable for their respective applications. In fact, the function of the valve is to simply open, open or close the pipeline. Only one switch can change the flow direction of the product or the operation of the pipeline washer. In addition to general requirements, the valve must also ensure sealing, leakage, smooth operation, accuracy and cleanability of the valve, such as:
1) Same as the inner diameter of the pipe.
2) The flange can be centered.
3) When rotating and switching, the blockage can be accurately adjusted.
4) Guide the valve stem to the tap.
The important criteria for selecting pigging valve are cleanliness and no pit (no dead corner)
The cleaning valve must match the type of cleaning valve used (spherical, cup type, sealed type, integral pouring type). The accurate installation of probe, pressure leakage and the characteristics of vent products will affect the selection of cleaning valve, so that the application of valve will be idle. If the product is prone to hardening, viscosity and wear. Advantages: the standard commercial pipeline valve can be modified in a certain way, which is suitable for special applications.
2. Classification of pigging valves.
In order to meet the requirements of pipeline cleaning system, the manufacturer has developed its own valve series. In principle, pipeline cleaning valves can be divided into standard valves and special valves.
Standard valves:
1) Pigging station
2) Tap
3) Transceiver.
4) Switch
Special valves:
1) Two cleanable pipelines cross.
2) Receiving station for transfer arm.
3) Ball receiving station for loading valve.
4) Manifold
5) Valves used in the health industry.

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