Relationship between pig valve and pig

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With the shortage of energy and the national call and promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction, pipeline transportation is the most convenient and fast way. Due to the different media transported by the pipeline, the media will adhere to the inner wall of the pipeline over time. Thus, the flow capacity of the pipeline is small and the flow resistance coefficient is large. Pigging valves can safely, quickly and efficiently send pigs into the pipeline. Due to different pigs, their functions and functions are also very different. (if you want to know more about the pig, you can see the selection and application of the pig) the pig will swim downstream with the pressure of the medium, and the direction and position of the ball valve or ball receiver will be close to. There can be 90 ° turning (please inform the manufacturer of the turning radius) and slight pipe deformation. The duty of the pig valve is to install the pig into the pipeline and quickly take the pig out of the pipeline after the pipeline is cleaned.

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