Removable pig valve grating

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      The barrier of the pig valve is the barrier that blocks the pig from flowing into the downstream. It should bear the impact of the pig and have good strength. Many manufacturers design the barrier on the ball. When the pig valve is used as the ball valve, the pig will have a strong impact on the ball, resulting in the deformation of the upper and lower trunnions of the ball and huge vibration and abnormal noise, and the sealing between the valve seat and the ball. The quick matching grid design on the valve seat avoids the above problems.

      Detachable pigging valve barrier is a pigging valve designed by jiepei combined with the problems encountered by users in practical use. The detachable grating pigging valve is multi-purpose. This valve is applicable to the middle section of long-distance pipeline. When the pipeline needs to be cleaned, the detachable grating pigging valve can replace the seriously worn pig in the middle section, so as to more effectively clean the stratification and dirt on the inner wall of the pipeline and increase the flow capacity of the pipeline. Or when it is not necessary to replace the pig halfway, remove the barrier in the barrier pigging valve. So that the pig can pass through the pigging valve smoothly. Reduce the barrier in the pigging valve, increase the flow resistance coefficient and flow loss, and greatly improve the economic value.

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